It’s no secret. Developers use open source — in fact, 85% of a modern application is comprised of open source components and unfortunately one in ten open source component downloads contain a known security vulnerability. Given this inherent risk, how do modern software teams select the best components, govern open source usage, and still deliver at DevOps speed? Automated open source governance.

Sonatype Nexus, provides a developer-friendly full-spectrum software supply chain management platform, helping more than 1,500 organisations and 15 million software developers simultaneously accelerate innovation and improve application security.

Nexus Lifecycle empowers developers and security professionals to make safer open source choices across the SDLC, ensuring organizations continue to innovate with less risk.

Primary Offerings:

  • OSS security scanning and policy based controls.
  • Kubernetes-native container security.
  • Infrastructure as a Code (provisioning data center resources through machine-readable definition files as opposed to physical hardware)
  • Advanced Legal Pack (maintaining compliance with oss licencing) 

Report: State of the Software Supply Chain 2020

Read the 6th annual report from Sonatype on open source software development and understand why productivity does not have to come at the cost of reduced security.